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2013 Holiday Shopping Season is Shorter and Starts Sooner. Are You Ready?

festive-418192-mIt would seem like there’s always a same series of selling days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, though it simply isn’t so. In 2012, we distinguished a strong turkey on Nov 22, giving shoppers and sellers a full 31 days of selling before Santa began shimming down chimneys in a US.

This year, Thanksgiving falls on Nov 28 that drops a selling duration to usually 25 days. That’s a tough mangle for tiny stores that need each hour of holiday sales time in sequence to make their year.

Also, given of a approach a calendar swings, there will usually be 4 selling weekends instead of 5 this year. That’s another outrageous blow, given weekends are a golden days for retailers.

The second bit of bad news is Hanukkah. Last year, a holiday began on Dec 8. This year, Hanukkah starts BEFORE Thanksgiving on Nov 27.

ShopperTrak says the early holiday won’t harm sales, though we don’t agree. Traditionally, a shopping deteriorate starts with Black Friday – a day after Thanksgiving though Hanukkah shoppers will need to have their gifts bought and wrapped before Black Friday begins.

Then again, who waits for Black Friday anymore? Last year, dozens of retailers started slicing prices prolonged before a turkey strike a plate. A few outlets even non-stop their doors on Thanksgiving for those who wanted to work off some of their dish with a turn of dispatch and bustle.

What does this all meant in dollars? ShopperTrak’s Bill Martin says consumers aren’t prepared to splurge. His association predicts a 2.4 percent arise in sell sales over final year though a diminution in shopper traffic.  In other words, business aren’t going to strike 10 stores during a mall. Instead, they’ll be doing their homework, before picking a one or dual stores with a many deals.

This is good news for retailers who lift a far-reaching preference of sell though tough on specialty stores.

The takeaway is that we have to ramp adult for a holiday now. Start teasing a sales and a sell and get prepared to go full chime tinkle a notation Halloween is passed and buried. Better yet, run a few sales in early Oct to get buyers in a holiday mood. If you’re particularly online, have a Twitter party, run a giveaway, have a blow out on Pinterest. Involve your business now, given once they comprehend they’re out 6  days and a weekend, they won’t have time to anything though shop.

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