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Parents, students rush to stores for last minute back to school shopping

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As kids head back to school, this is one of the busiest times of year for chain retail stores as they offer big sales.
Back to school shopping isn’t usually a one day process. Parents and students often visit multiple stores, and on Thursday, NEWS10 ABC found many who were shopping at Walmart.
Diana Burrows is heading into her freshman year of college. She had some trouble fitting all of her items into her car.
“Just as long as I’m getting some stuff that I need, I’m fine with it, but the only thing is trying to fit everything into small nooks and crannies,” she said.
Across the parking lot was Synclair Clarida. Her parents did price comparison shopping to get the best deals.
“We looked at sales and matched prices and everything,” she said.
For others, the parents did the shopping.
“It’s a tough thing, but also it’s an enjoyable time,” parent Isaac Freeman said. “You get to see other parents trying to do the same thing you are doing.”
But all three families cringed when they revealed how much they spent: between $100 and $525.
School has not started for everyone, so the end of August and beginning of September is when […] Continue Reading…

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Consumers are bored with shopping – Business Insider

Adam Berry / Stringer / Getty

Department stores and specialty retailers have faced declining
sales recently.

Macy’s recently announced that it will be shuttering
roughly 100 stores, right on the heels of its sixth quarter
of declining sales.

There’s are myriad reasons why stores could be struggling, but
there may be a problem that few people are addressing: There
haven’t been any items in stores that consumers think they need
to have.

“Since 2010-2012’s strong skinny/colored denim cycle, apparel
retailing has suffered from a dearth of must-have items, save the
athletic bright spot,” RBC Capital Markets analysts wrote in a
recent report.

RBC isn’t the first to notice this.

Inside a Banana Republic
in August.
Business Insider/Mallory

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Shopping at the fair? Where to find deals on Minnesota-made goods

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Carmelo Anthony went grocery shopping in a monogrammed robe with a huge stack of cash

Even the rich and famous sometimes like to go shopping late at night dressed in their PJs.

A video posted by LaLa (@lala) on Aug 25, 2016 at 7:54pm PDT

Of course, they appear to do it in slightly nicer PJs that have their names monogrammed on them. Also ENORMOUS stacks of money. Oh and a hat from the Olympics. Maybe the rich and famous have it slightly better than us sometimes.

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Line’s Shopping List

Line, the Asian messaging app that’s not WeChat, is in the market for acquisitions, CEO Takeshi Idezawa told Bloomberg’s Yoolim Lee and Yuji Nakamura. After raising $1.3 billion in its Tokyo and New York offerings last month, the Japanese company has a team scouring the globe for possible targets to help it become a smart portal.Amount raised in Line’s July IPO$1.3 billionShopping can be a tiring task even with a dedicated group of colleagues pitching in, so here’s a list to help Idezawa get started. I’ve focused on companies that would both add value to Line’s business and benefit from its reach, technology and existing messaging interface.Bigo LiveNever heard of it? Southeast Asia has. The live-broadcasting app tops the social-networking category in Indonesia, Cambodia and Singapore, and is in the top five of another half-dozen markets including Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, according to App Annie data. For Line, Bigo checks all the right boxes: user engagement, demographics, regional reach, advertising potential, and buzz.
FoodpandaClearly, food delivery should be on Line’s menu. The sector is taking off globally and it just makes sense to integrate such functionality into Line’s messaging app. While there are dozens of choices out there including Grubhub, Deliveroo and Happyfresh (which […] Continue Reading…

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